In late August 2023, Arctic Fish reported an incident pertaining to an escape event from one of their sea cages situated in Patreksfjörður, located on the western coast of Iceland. An estimated cohort consisting of 3500 farmed Atlantic salmon had successfully evaded their respective sea cage. Haffjarðará, located south of the aquaculture facility in the southern Vesturland region, was presumed to be located on the periphery of the escape incident zone. It was one of the last rivers inspected through an assignment for the Icelandic Directorate of Fisheries to evaluate the impact of the incident. On October 31st , eight escaped farmed salmon were identified and removed from key pools and glides by drift divers from Scandinavian Nature Surveillance. This prompted concern for the proprietors, leading to the organization of a comprehensive search for farmed salmon throughout the entire river, carried out on November 9-10th.

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Øyvind Kanstad-Hanssen / Emil Jamtfall / John Birger Ulvund


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